Audience success at the first 'Nulles Vineyard Harvest Festival'

> More than 50 people celebrated a traditional vintage until they get the must. The number rose to 100 at the time of the concert.

Adernats has successfully incorporated a new activity within the wine tourism calendar. This time, with a Harvest Festival that has brought fifty people on the vineyards, we can see the last grapes of the season by hand and take them to the winery to step on them with their feet. Once the must was obtained, each family could take a bottle, not just label it and give it a commercial name. An experience for children and adults who helps to understand and experience the work of the field, both important in our territory in products and wine. In addition, it has been counted with the presence of a car of ExperienciesRurals, a collaborator of Adernats with those who have started car and horse routes through the territory, a new and unique experience that this young team proposes to us, I'm fond of thinking about creativity and enthusiasm for the wine world.

To celebrate that a year of grapes of quality has been celebrated, with which we will obtain the precious grape juice that will be derived from wine, there was a fun concert that brought together a hundred people. At the rhythm of the Fenya Rai valleys, some of the wines and Cavas Adernats were sampled, especially a new great cava called ADERNATS PUR. A wild cava, with no expedition liquor, that was presented on the same day and that we can find in the Nulles wine shop, open every day.

We are in doubt, it is worth paying attention to the calendar of Adernats, which for this week we return with the sensorial dinners Vinitcultura with the full capacity until spring.

Awards and mentions

The most important national and international awards and mentions of our wines and cavas