Successful Harvest Festival!

For the second year, the Vinícola de Nulles celebrates the end of the most important stage of the year, the harvest, with a celebration to celebrate a new year of wine success. This year, almost a hundred people have accompanied us on this great day.

In particular, the II Harvest Festival has become one of the most special days of the year. One morning where little and old can be put on the skin of a wine grower to discover, firsthand, the secrets of the vineyard and the ancestral art of collecting it.

The day begins with a walk between vineyards, where the little ones go in horse-drawn centennial cars with their companions of Rural Experiences. Come to our place, we will have breakfast at the Forn de Nulles cakes to get together with the Nulles wine porrons, and once prepared, we will see the selected stop until you have the full cabas.

Back in the winery, several stops will discover a landscape that falls in love and tells us stories. Then, it will be time to dirty your feet with the treading of the grapes. You have to step hard to get the must, life juice that we can bottling and remember.

And to celebrate it, wine tasting, Palau potatoes and a festive vermouth-concert with the Fenya Rai Basoues, will be the day-long cherry tree to remember.

Enjoying, surely, is one of the best ways to learn.


Next year we will go back with more dreams!

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