Nulles in European Cooproute


Modernist Wine Cellar of Nulles has been chosen to be part of the Cooproute (European Cultural Route Cooperative).

This project, supported by the European Commission, aims to develop an innovative main transnational and interregional tourism in the area, particularly focusing on the cultural and industrial cooperative.

The Cellar Nulled has more than fulfilled all the requirements set by the Cooproute part of being considered one of the winery Wine Cathedrals, which was designed by Modernist architect Cesar Martinell 1917 . it is the only winery Modernist that today still produces wine and champagne brand Adernats in the same-old tubs designed by the architect, preserving the union of earth and wine village was still a cooperative nearly one hundred members. Another good feature that identifies the winery wine tourism activities are Nulled have won several awards for excellence • excel, and have managed to disclose and help you discover wine culture, history and architecture of the winery making oneself into a leader in the tourism wine tourism in Catalonia.

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Awards and mentions

The most important national and international awards and mentions of our wines and cavas