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Guided tour with a tasting of 3 Adernats wines or cavas

Wines with history

La experiencia

Discover the centenary history of Nulles Wine Cathedral, a modernist jewel of 1917 where the wines and cavas of Adernats are made.

Explore history-filled corridors between centuries-old buckets, parabolic monumental arches and a unique architecture designed to obtain wines of the best quality possible. A friendly tour for the whole family, which will be boosted by a team of young experienced guides and that will conclude with a commented tasting of 3 wines or Adernats cavas, accompanied by artisan bread from the Nulles oven, CoSelva hazelnuts and olive oil from Nulles.


- 5 minutes> Welcome to the Adernats wine shop.

- 15 minutes> Historical Contextualization, of the town of Nulles and the Wine Cathedral of 1917.

- 30 minutes> Route through the interior of the modernist winery with explanations of architecture and the process of making Adernats wines and cavas.

- 30 minutes> Commented tasting of 3 Adernats wines or cavas with aperitif.

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