XXIV Adernats Novell Wine Festival in solidarity with the Tv3 Marathon

Another year, and already 24, Adernats decides to close the year with the Novell Wine Festival and the traditional Breakfast of the Harvester. A fun day to try the new wines of the 2019 vintage, harvested last September and recently bottled, accompanied by a popular breakfast with herring, sausage and bread with tomato. A festive breakfast to which the members of the winery invite everyone to meet us again after a new year of successful wine. For the first time, the breakfast will be solidary and will cost € 2 which will be donated in full to the Marathon of TV3, held that same day and destined for minority diseases.

Breakfast is meant to be a meeting point for all of Adernats' friends to celebrate twelve intense months, full of all kinds of activities. A winery that again breaks records with more than 7,000 annual visitors to the Wine Cathedral of Nulles. A milestone that comes on the 102nd anniversary of the Vinícola de Nulles and the 99th vintage, which has been the first with the ecological certificate and will bear fruit in the first organic wines in the history of ADERNATS, which will arrive with the spring.

We hope this is a new turning point for a century-old winery with a relentlessly young spirit. A winery that produces wines and cavas recognized throughout the world. The last notable recognition came just a few weeks ago from the wine critic Robert M. Parker, who described the great reserve PURE ADERNATS with 91+ points. One of the highest scores in the sector, a very notable coming from the most prestigious and influential wine critic in the world.

And, in case the morning was not full enough, at the end of breakfast you can enjoy for the first time the Three Tombs of Nulles. An event organized by the City Council of Nulles, which will start at 12:00 in the same cellar, and will have more than 30 cars participating.

We wait for you!

Awards and mentions

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