Bubble Christmas and renewed tradition

As every year, just opening the door will permeate us with that wonderful scent of grandma\'s soup and uncle\'s roast. Indispensable elements of our culinary culture, an inalienable basis of Catalan gastronomy. Or not? As true as lunch is late, it is hoped that some traditions will never change. But more and more Christmas meals, they let in new foreign air without losing their essence.

For this reason, from the Adernats winery and the AG planning kitchen, we make a series of gastronomic recommendations to make the most popular meals of these festivals, tradition and avant-garde:

Christmas lunch

We arrived eagerly. Today the table is long and well stopped. And we start the festivities with an appetizer of those who make the season. There is no shortage of sausages and cheeses, but smoked salmon has long been the star, despite the fact that the tuna has gained its followers and it goes strong. Toast with foie gras, salted shrimp and, why not, oysters that always dress and are perfect for snacking. Here we could start with an aromatic white, fresh as a bouquet of spring flowers such as the Adernats Seduction. Now they also present it in a 1.5l magnum format that makes a lot of party on the table. It will help us to get hungry and bathe us any type of appetizer, despite the fact that there are always those who open the cava ...

Then you can not miss the grandmother\'s balloon soup, a first that makes Christmas and tradition. But the head of AG Planning, Jordi Boronat, recommends that we be brave and introduce new concepts. In the end, the cookie soup is a refined escudella and the escudella has its Japanese namesake in the Ramen. And of the Japanese we can note how they can adapt, complement or reinvent whenever needed. Maybe a truffle or foie meatballs (now there are Catalans), or a poached egg or poached egg.

When it comes to pairing it is always difficult for us, but we must keep in mind that despite being a soup, it is not a light dish. Being a bird stock reduced to four to five hours and be accompanied by meat, pasta and sometimes egg. Jordi Casabona, winemaker at Adernats, also encourages us to be brave and introduce him to a black upbringing like the Temptation. Looking for a wine of medium structure that cleans the mouth and harmonizes strong tastes.

But if any dish can\'t be missed is the roast chicken or indiot, here\'s the song: \"Christmas is coming, we\'ll kill the rooster.\" But always what is called a \'wet roast\', that is, it is made in a pan for several hours. Due to Castilian influence, lately, dry roast has been introduced, which goes to the oven and bakes faster. Currently we usually use bonnet chicken or turkey, but always well stuffed with nuts, raisins, apples ... Ideal to pair with a Brut Nature cava, tradition and avant-garde. It\'s bubble time, it\'s a party-dish that prompts a good dance couple in the glass. Here we can surprise the family with the Adernats XC, a large reserve 100% Xarel·lo that will delight the most discerning palates. Its long aging, elegance, fine bubble and toasted aromas of nuts will give us the perfect balance to make the meal more enjoyable.

Finally, a long list of waffles and nougats, panettones and peaches, must not be missed. But before that, a pineapple will always give us a fresh and colorful touch. We can pour it and accompany it with rum and coconut foam, or deconstructed to eat in a spoon. With catalan cream for the most sweet or fruit of the forest and the perfume of roses ... But definitely we will look for a Brut cava, to accompany. Laurent Corrió, winemaker from Adernats, encourages us to get one of the last magnum bottles commemorating the centenary of the Nulles Vinícola. L\'Adernats Centenary is a Brut cava reserve that has a wonderful contrast between the sweet point of the expedition liqueur and the refreshing acidity of a 100% Macabeo. Ideal for cleaning the mouth between nougat and nougat, or for sucking the most daring wafers.

Sant Esteve

After the hearty meal of the previous day, we can celebrate a softer and more savory St. Stephen, as tradition commands. Day known for the use kitchen, we can reinvent the chicken or chicken in a thousand ways, but the most nostril is definitely cannelloni. Now we can make them with foie de bechamel, or if we have already used it for Christmas lunch, with truffles. But we could also make duck stuffings with pears, fish and seafood, mushrooms ... It can be the star dish or just a starter. It\'s a lunch to play. We can have an appetizer with seafood or a second cut, or pig or lamb stuffed with mushrooms. But we can also opt for a fish dish such as sea bream or sea bass in a slow cooker or salt. There are many combinations, as well as possible pairings. That is why we propose to play with two young wines, such as the Tempus Vini black and white, with intense aromas of fresh fruits. And end the meal with Adernats Reserva Brut Nature cava, a classic that is in fashion. All products with excellent value for money to enjoy the Sant Esteve looking at your pocket.

New Year\'s Eve

To celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the other, we will have a big party. A special night that deserves the best menu, gala clothes and luxury companions. It\'s a night or nothing written, gastronomically speaking, beyond grapes and cava. For this reason, we propose a bubble night, with two excellent cavas for two different years. At the table, Jordi Boronat proposes a dinner based on appetizers. It\'s a night to get carried away and let in foreign influences like in oriental cuisine. A foie gras cooked with apple and quince, presented in canning jars. Or tuna tartare in an oriental pasta bundle, with mango and soy. Oysters with hints of citrus jam, candied tangerine skin and gintonic pearls. Gamber cocktail with melon caviar, lobster salads ... The options are endless, we can even organize a tapas contest among the whole gang.

It is a day to get a great cava, one of those gastronomic dishes that pair with everything. Like PORNED, a Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2012, with more than 70 months of aging. A cava waiting for a special moment. An ideal pairing to reach the doors of the new year. And then, to toast with the best wishes, will arrive the Adernats Reserva Brut, a multi award winning cava that will give us freshness and the strength to enter with good foot into the new year.


Kings Night

To end the festivities with the night of kings, there is nothing better than to find the bean on the cake and accompany it with Adernats XC cava, the \"best in the world\" according to the prestigious 50 Great Cavas magazine. A cava with more than 30 months of aging that hides a world of aromas and sensations, ideal to rediscover, on this magical night, the illusion that makes the eyes shine in children.


Enjoy it!


At AG Planning catering and its entire team, but especially
to his chef Jordi Boronat, for the kindness and the disposition.
Jordi Boronat (Executive Chef of AG Planning)
Laurent Corrió and Jordi Casabona (winemakers from Adernats)
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